September 11, 2012

Blog Tour: Band of Sisters

          Seeing she had no choice Maureen hurried after the plump gray-haired woman who had introduced herself and then walked off with the girl's bag, full of her only possessions in the world.
Mrs. Melkford watched the young girl at her side looking for clues to her past. What would make such a slip of a girl pack up, take her 13 year old sister, and try to cross the Atlantic ocean to America, ALONE? Maureen's nerves calmed as she listened to the chatter of the older woman beside her. They were here. She and Katie-Rose had made it. Maybe now she could put her past to rest, maybe she would finally be free from the slander and torments that seemed to hound her. If only that Joshua Keeton hadn't come over too. But arriving was only the first step and Maureen knew it. So much depended on finding a job. And quick.
Only when it was to late to turn back did Maureen realize the dark, tangled, web of secrets she had unwittingly uncovered, surrounding the fancy department store. Wholesome and respectable on the outside, horrific under the surface.

After reading Promise Me This, one of Mrs. Gohlke's other titles I wanted to read more of her books. Thats when I saw Tyndale's invitation to participate in the Band of Sisters Blog Tour as a reviewer.

Set in 1910, Band of Sisters is a intriguing combination between Ellis Island, the bustling aristocracy of New York, and the sinister, hidden, all to real, but often unseen viper of human trafficking. Maureen seemed so real that at times I felt like I was there struggling through things with her.
Not only did I find this book inspiring but I found that Mrs. Gohlke herself is an absolute treasure.
If I could only commend one thing about this godly woman's approach to writing it would be that not one of her books I have read so far, has had the slightest leniency toward any type of romantically inappropriate and insinuating scenes. to be frank fiction today, yes even 'Christian' fiction generally includes suggestive scenes.
 Mrs. Gohlke on the other hand has held high the standard that all christian writers should strive for, asking like the heroines in Band of Sisters, "What would Jesus do?" and then doing likewise.

Human Trafficking is a serious problem, Mrs. Gohlke felt that Jesus would do His part to prevent it. Her part was to write Band of Sisters, awakening awareness. What are you doing? On Mrs. Gohlke's site there is a page that list resources and organizations that are working to end trafficking. We can all do our part

With all that said, I honestly I cant let my 14 and 12 year old sisters read this book right now for the reason that they are not aware of modern slavery in America.  At their age this is a good thing because that knowledge would tend to make them scared and self conscious when outside the home. I  recommend Band of Sisters strictly for readers 16 yrs. and older. 

Disclaimer:I received this book for free from the Publisher for this review, every opinion expressed here in is 100% my own.