December 22, 2011

Paula the Waldensian

This is one of my favorite books. It is a true story, that was originally written in French and then later translated into many other languages including English.  If you are looking for a good read that is not all fluff but is not difficult to understand, I would encourage you to check this little book out!

(Back cover)"In dark times, the Waldenses protected the truths of the Bible from corrupt kings and evil popes who sought to banish God's Word from the earth, while lighting their world with God's love. Raised with this legacy, young Paula finds herself in an unfamiliar world following her father's untimely death. Placed in the home of her uncle where the discussion of religion forbidden, she is soon prohibited from reading her own cherished Bible. The foundations of her faith challenged, Paula must choose whether she will make the Waldensian legacy her own. For generations, Paula's story has enriched and encouraged children and adults alike to be imitators of God, standing for truth and walking in love. Paula the Waldensian is an epic of faith and character that must be read by children and adults alike."