February 08, 2012

Desert Gift

I picked up this book and I didn't put it down until I turned the last page a few minutes ago.
What your reading a is 'fresh off the press' jumble of thought.
How is that for and introduction?  :)

Jillian Galloway is a nationally known marriage expert. She lives in Chicago with her picture perfect easy going husband of twenty-four years.
A bomb suddenly drops out of nowhere when her husband Jack tells her the he wants out. He was filing for a divorce.
Jill's world was shattered. Her goals, dreams, and a lifetime of work crummbled beneath her feet.
How... What... WHY? All she knew was that she had to get away. So she turned to the only haven left, home.
Through the seclusion of this desert haven God works a miricle, which I wont tell you about because I don't want to spoil the rest book for you. :)

Though it dragged at some parts, as a whole I would say that Desert Gift is very well written. The setting is modern and familiar. The characters were so real that I cried twice. Jack and Jill are not perfect and the book did not end with happily ever after. (Though it was pretty close :)

After getting about one-third of the way through the 378 pages I was struck with a horrifying thought. I am just like this woman! I am willful, obnoxiously talkative, judgmental, and... o shame... The list went on.
I feel my face getting hot even now. Jill is married, I am not. Jill has a carrier, I do not. There aren't any outward resemblances between us to speak of, but I felt like her non the less.
One of the things that drove her husband crazy was Jill's knack of having the 'right' answer to every equation and problem.  This hit me square between the eyes.

It is hard for me to put my thoughts into words. Throughout this post I have relied heavily on slang phrases which I hope you will pardon. I can just see the wince on my sister's face as she reads them. But I cant really help them now... to end I want to tell you that I am not really sure I recommend this book.
I hope that is not totally confusing. I know that I was challenged in many areas of my attitude, (if that makes sense) but... I not really sure what it is... I just have some reservations to totally throwing my heart into recommending this book.
I think it is a great book for those who are married, and for those who are ready to get married, but as far as younger teens, this probably wouldn't be the best read.