October 30, 2012

Quotes from Radical Together

"We can't do enough, we can though trust in Christ, who had done enough."

" We live sacrificially, not because we feel guilty, but because we have been loved greatly and now find satisfaction in sacrificial love for others. We live radically, not because we have to, but because we want to."

"Sacrificial love is not just our duty but our delight."

"The gospel is the reason for radical living."

"Those who espouse sound doctrine in the Church should be willing to embody selfless devotion in the world."
"We are never without revelation from God..... "

"God has given us everything we need in the Word that we have."

"The purpose of God's word is to transform people in every century and in every country into the image of Jesus."

"If crowds of people hated the words of Jesus in the first century, we can certainly expect them to feel the same way in the twenty-first century. The blessing of God does not mean acceptance by the world."

"The goal is always for all of God's people to be equipped and empowered to lead as many people as possible to Christ. I also believe in the plan of God. In Jesus' simple command to 'make disciples,' He has invited every one of his followers to share the life of Christ with others in a sacrificial, intentional, global effort to multiply the gospel of Christ through others. He never intended to limit this invitation to the most effective communicators, the most brilliant organizers, of the most talented leaders and artists- all the allegedly right people that you and I are prone to exalt in the Church. Instead, the Spirit of God has empowered every follower of Christ to accomplish the purpose of God for the glory of God in the world. This includes the so-called wrong people: those who are the least effective, least brilliant, or least talented in the church."

 "Is it really possible to have all the trappings of the church and yet miss the heart of Christ? Is it possible for for the Church people to be so focused on personal comforts and so fearful of the potential cost that they virtually forget the purpose of God among all the peoples of the word?"

"We don't get saved by works, we don't stay saved by works, but if we are saved our faith will work."

About the Author
Dr. David Platt, is deeply devoted to Christ and His Word. David's first love in ministry is disciple-making—the simple biblical model of teaching God's Word, mentoring others and sharing faith. He has traveled extensively to teach the Bible and church leaders throughout the United States and around the world. Atlanta natives, he and his wife, Heather, made their home in New Orleans until they were displaced by flooding following Hurricane Katrina in 2005.
David holds a deep and abiding passion for global disciple-making. "I believe that God has uniquely created every one of His people to impact the world. Some may count it as idealistic, but I believe it is thoroughly biblical, rooted in Psalm 67:1-2, yet covering Scripture from beginning to end. God is in the business of blessing His people so that His ways and His salvation might be made known among all people."
David practices what he preaches through his travel nationally and internationally, teaching from God's Word in churches, seminaries, the underground church or even under a shade tree in Africa or Latin America.
David and Heather were married in 1999. They are the parents of two sons, Caleb and Joshua, and a daughter, Mara Ruth.