November 28, 2011

Through My Eyes

My family loves football. My brothers play it on the computer, outside in the mud, and in the living room. Of course it is not the only sport they play, but I can honestly say that it is their favorite.

So, for Daddy's birthday this year, we got him a copy of Tim Tebow's new book "Through my Eyes".
(For those of you who are not submerged in the football world, Tim Tebow is the Quarterback for the Denver Broncos.)
I think it took him a day and a half to finish reading it.
Matthew, my wonderful big brother, was not at home when Daddy finished, so I got to read it next.

I was excited about meeting Tebow through his book, and getting a glimpse of his life, from his perspective.
I was not disappointed. It was great.
His book chronicles not only his shining moments but also his discouraged ones. The warmth of his personality glows through the pages, showing both his strengths and his weaknesses. Like all humans, Tim Tebow has faults, and because of his position as a pro athlete he has been the center of a lot of criticism. Despite all of that, he has let the light of Christ shine in his life. In his book, he tells his thoughts, feelings and struggles.
The whole style of the book is fun and action packed. How could it not be, since Tebow plays football?
Needless to say, I am a solid supporter of Tebow. :)
It is my prayer that this godly man will continue to stand for what is right, and use the platform God has given him, to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with the world.

I cannot imagine how hard it is, to be surrounded by media and fans, and to be different than everyone else. To be a Christian. But Tebow is not the only one who faces this struggle. Each one of us has a sphere of influence. As I turned the last page of Tebow's book, this question kept coming back to me. Am I using the platform that God has given me, to generate as much glory and honor as I can, toward myself, or God?
Though I don't have a fraction of the influence that this professional quarterback has, I do have the same calling.(Phil. 3:14)
This quote from Pg. 318 particularly challenged me.

"When I leave this world, I want to leave something behind that keeps on making a difference in people’s lives. When you finish strong in life and get to heaven, God’s going to say, “Well done, good and faithful servant,” (Matthew 25:21).
…The legacy God intended each of us to leave has to do with the impact our lives have had on the lives of others whom He calls us to serve. It has to do with the difference our lives make in the world— in our families, with friends, at work, at school with our coaches, and teammates, and all those others around us. Our legacy should be about building in the lives of all those others, doing something for others that will not only last in their lives here, but for eternity…
What can I leave behind: a life that is marked by always trying to do things the right way, building a foundation in others, something that lives beyond me, helps people, and more important, causes them, in turn to want to help other people. Finish Strong and you help not just yourself; you help others.” Copyright.

(Disclaimer: Every opinion expressed here in is my own.)