November 02, 2011

I'm Crazy!

I really am! but I guess that is a part of life.  
Just last week I found out about a program called NaNoWriMo. (National Novel Writing Month)
The point is to break away from the editing mindset, sit down, and actually spend some time writing. For me, I have a really heard time writing because I get distracted by the flaws and imperfections of my project. So this is going to be a big leap. You see, the goal of the NaNoWriMo is to write a book with a minimum of  50,000 words, which is the equivalent of about 100 typed computer pages. 
The project I have chosen is historical fiction, based off of the sinking of the H.M.S. Birkenhead. I haven't written a blurb yet or actually even started the first chapter. But Lord willing, I will soon be rolling around in the world of words. So stay tuned for more updates on how its going.